Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki

About Academic WWSI Series

Warsaw School  of Computer Science is the publisher of the WSCS Academic Series  „INFORMATYKA I TELEKOMUNIKACJA”. As part of the series, there are successively published books in the field of information technology and telecommunications (ICT) both in its practical (IT) and theoretical (Computer Science) aspects, as well as books in the area of ​​broadly understood applications of information technologies.

The publisher wants the series to be available to as many interested people as possible. Therefore, all books are available in the Open Resources formula. We hope that books published by us will find a worthy place among professional literature, useful in educating IT students, professionals and all people who want to broaden their knowledge in the field of ICT.

Because we would like our publications to achieve the highest possible publishing level, we try to complete maximum diligence, both when accepting the monograph for publication and when preparing it for printing. We also expect the authors to be careful when preparing texts for publication. We expect them to be professional and honest. However, if any irregularities are found, the Publisher will take appropriate action, including discontinuation of publication.

Editorial staff: Zenon Gniazdowski (editor-in-chief)

Program Board: dr inż. Dariusz Chaładyniak, dr hab. Inż. Andrzej Chojnacki, dr inż. Ewa Figielska, prof. dr hab. Inż. Bogdan Galwas, dr hab. inż. Zenon Gniazdowski, dr hab. Michał Grabowski, dr inż. Robert Janowski, prof. dr hab. Inż. Tadeusz Łuba, dr hab. Inż. Marian S. Stachowicz, prof. dr hab. Inż. Ireneusz Winnicki, prof. dr hab. Inż. Oleg Zaikin (chairman), prof. dr hab. Inż. Piotr Zaskórski.

Warsaw School of Computer Science/Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki
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